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Health Matters
  • Hydrate - Before and after you exercise, drink a minimum of 16 oz. of water.
  • Acclimate - Start your exercise regimen slowly. Don't over-do until your body has adjusted to the warm weather.
  • Protection - During any outside activity, any exposed part of your body should have sun screen applied.

Rules of the Road
  • Courtesy - Whether you are walking, running, or pedaling, stay to the right side of the route you are exercising on.
  • Passing - Before passing anyone, try to give a warning (vocal, bell, etc.)

It's all about living...
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About this page...

Exercise, at any age, has been proven over and over to be the key ingrediant to living longer and healthier. Aside from the fact that golf is the main activity in our community, Stone Creek's Elan Spa plays a major role by offering a multitude of activities to help all of us stay as healthy as we can. Also, as noted in the Distance/Route Chart, the community itself has many miles available for mobile exercise.

So, come on Stone Creek, help yourself, help this great community stay happy and healthy. Whether you walk, ride a bike, use a treadmill, whatever. Whether you can only exercise for 10 minutes or a hour, help yourself grow in health and be an example which in turn, will encourage others to begin a healthy life-style. We're all going to pass on one day. Let's prolong it as long as we can.
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Stone Creek Community, Ocala, Florida

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